Grief Pack - (6 E-book Set)
Grief Pack - (6 E-book Set)
Grief Pack - (6 E-book Set)
Grief Pack - (6 E-book Set)

Grief Pack - (6 E-book Set)

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We try to put a label on our Grief to help others understand, yet these labels always fall short.

The reality?

Grief is a complicated journey.

It is not something you can slap a label on and then "move on" from it.

We hope these Children's Books will help you on your journey, or someone you know through their own personal grief journey. ❤ 

Book 1: A Rose Is A Rose No Matter How Small
Miscarriage's are difficult, and this book is written in as fragile of way as those feelings who are having to live with this trial in their own lives.

Book 2: Always With You
Loss of a loved one is always difficult. This book is written as a message from the loved one, wishing you to keep living life. 
"When you feel alone, remember you are not on your own. I am here beside you, believe me, it's true. With each step you take, I will heal your ache..."

Book 3: Give Me My Apples Back - Teenager/Adult
"Turning Your Lemons Into Lemonade" ~ Is a quote as Cliché as they come. Yet with this original story, you will never be able to think of this quote in the same way again.

Book 4: Give Me My Apples Back - Kids
A companion book for children under the age of 8. Sometimes it is difficult to have difficult conversations with children, and this book aims to ease that difficulty.

Book 5: My Duty, My Burden, And My Pain
Originally written for first responders, this Children's Book illustrates the importance of opening up and having difficult conversations with the support around you.

Book 6: My Grief Journey
You can't experience grief without hearing about the 5 stages. Learn to identify with these expressions of grief in a new way that will help you understand your own healing process.

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The Gift

Of A Life-TIme

When words aren't enough, you can give your friend the Journey To Joy to help guide them through their grief.

The Gift Of

Traumatic events can be paralyzing, yet there are tried and proven techniques to help one progress through their own grief.

Giving Sunshine boxes are built off of 15 years of healing therapuetic experience. It's time to see your loved ones heal.

Give Strength. Give Support. Give Love.

Designed With
You In Mind

Give the care package that accurately represent how much you care.



I'm so grateful for the Sunshine Team and their efforts so I could be there for my brother in such a beautiful way.

Bristol, VA

I was the receiver and really felt loved, seen and appreciated. Thank you! I plan to pay it forward

Salt Lake City, UT

My sister started Chemotherapy, and this box of cancer support & sunshine made her day.

Los Angeles, CA

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