Hi, I'm Jason

I started The Hope Kit to use my experience to help others find comfort and hope.

How It Started.

Shortly after experiencing the death of our third child, my wife and I discovered she had stage 4 colon cancer. After fighting for 9 months my 2 boys and I had to say goodbye to her as well.

It was obvious I had many people around me who cared about me, BUT they did not know how to give me the support I so desperately needed.

Comfort & Hope can be given from the sidelines.

I have used my pain, grief, and professional training to build "The Hope Kit" so you can give your friend comfort today, and hope for tomorrow.

Grief, Pain, & Hope

I've helped hundreds of patients over the last 15 years as a therapist with their grief, and pain.

I love the times when I have been able to restore their hope.

I have put all of my heart, love, and experience into each Hope Kit to make it possible for you to heal your friend through their grief and pain.