Cancer Support Children&
Cancer Support Children&
Cancer Support Children&
Cancer Support Children&

Cancer Support Children's E-books Set (Set of 6)

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When we found out my wife had Stage 4 Colon Cancer, as with most people in this situation we decided to fight back with Chemotherapy.

We also made a classic mistake of not telling our boys all the details.

Unfortunately this meant our boys became a causality to the situation. 

Our aim with writing these children books was to provide a useful tool for you to open up this difficult conversation you need to have with your own family around cancer.

Book 1: Joining The Fight
An easy way to explain to others what cancer is, the hope behind fighting it, and the importance of coming closer together.

Book 2: Tell Me About Cancer
Two short stories from the perspective of a boy and a girl who has been diagnosed with Cancer. This helps clarify "You are not cancer" and "You are beautiful the way you are".

Book 3: Give Me My Apples Back - Teenager/Adult Edition
"Turning Your Lemons Into Lemonade" ~ Is a quote as Cliché as they come. Yet with this original story, we try to give a new meaning to this quote.

Book 4: Give Me My Apples Back - Kids Edition
A companion book for children under the age of 8. Sometimes it is difficult to have difficult conversations with children, and this book aims to ease that difficulty.

Book 5: My Duty, My Burden, And My Pain
Originally written for first responders, this Children's Book illustrates the importance of opening up and having difficult conversations with the support around you.

Book 6: My Grief Journey
You can't experience grief without hearing about the 5 stages. We aim to teach these expressions of grief in a new way that will help you understand and identify your own healing process.