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We're starting off, and sharing our story about what started The Hope Kit.

In this specific episode we were still called "Giving Sunshine" and had not made the change over to "The Hope Kit".

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KSL 5 AMERICAN FORK — A Utah County man is using what he learned from a simple act of kindness when his wife was suffering from a terminal illness and starting a new business that aims to help others pull through hard times with a little bit of sunshine.

He does this through "sunshine baskets."

Jason Clawson said a friend gave his family a sunshine basket a few years ago when his wife, Valerie, was fighting cancer. That basket — filled with happy, yellow items — led to a rare happy memory during a time period that had been dominated by sad and hard memories.

ABC4 - Good Things Utah: Giving Sunshine is more than a Gift Box to help those suffering from cancer, loss of a loved one, and the struggles of life, it’s therapy in a box that promotes healing. Jason Clawson, Co-Owner of Giving Sunshine, created this company to provide hope and happiness again to those that have struggled with cancer, loss of a loved one, and anyone struggling in life. 

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — About three years ago, Jason Clawson's wife Valerie was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

"We were just left to pick up the pieces and try to figure out life," Clawson said.

During a difficult time, Clawson and his family received a "sunshine basket" filled with yellow items from Wyatt and Melissa Ernst.

When Valerie passed away and he needed support and healing, Clawson--a therapist--quit his job, gathered his sons, and decided to start giving "sunshine baskets" to others like him.

"It was therapeutic for me because I could forget about my pain and what I was struggling with," said Clawson.

Voyage Utah

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jason Clawson.

Hi Jason, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?

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Danielle Gray & Jason Clawson Discuss:

On Air With Danielle GrayEpisode 8 Deep Dive Conversations: Second Chances With Jason Clawson Jason Clawson - Father, Certificated Therapist, Author, Hope Kit Founder Jason Clawson experienced once of the worst losses that a person could ever experience. Jason lost his wife to cancer. Colone cancer, the worst serial killers of human kind, but Jason somehow get through this experience with a community of his family and friends, and his sons, who didn't let him go down the road of endless depression.

Josh Levine, Travis Hatch & Jason Clawson Discuss: Shortly after experiencing the death of his third child, Jason’s wife discovered she had stage 4 colon cancer.  How does one deal with all this pain and grief?

Masako Kozawa and Jason Clawson Discuss: Let's be real. Grief is part of our life. There's no avoiding it. At some point in our life, we face situations that cause us to grieve. So the questions are: Do you know how to grieve? Do you know how to help your loved ones when they are grieving?

Rena Olsen & Jason Clawson Discuss: Sunshine and storms often follow one another as we make our way through life on Earth.  For Jason Clawson, the storms hit early and suddenly, as his wife was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.  Listen to his powerful yet hopeful story and the unexpected gift that helped him find new life and purpose again--and eventually the chance to give sunshine and hope to others.

Liz Gardner & Jason Clawson Discuss: Life was good for Jason Clawson: his family was happy and they were building their dream home when they received the heartbreaking news his wife had stage 4 cancer. Nine months after the diagnosis, his wife Valerie passed away. Jason was left picking up the pieces and not knowing how to survive being a single parent and coping with everyones grief.

Laci, Ellen, Crystal & Jason Clawson disucss: In this episode, we speak with Jason Clawson and get a dad’s perspective for the first time on this podcast. He shares how his family took a horrible tragedy and turned it into something good.

Max and Jason Clawson Discuss: In this episode, I interview Jason Clawson, co-founder of the Giving Sunshine movement.

Jason tragically and unexpectedly lost his wife, and to honor her on her birthday, came on the show to share his vision, mission and lemons-to-lemonade story of how he was able to take his pain, grief, struggles and the LOVE OF GOD and turn his darkest season into empowerment and joy of giving and sharing hope with others.

Mary Crafts & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Everyone has a unique journey. Why do we assume it is okay to give general support to unique circumstances and challenges? Mary's guest knows this all too well.

Talaya Dendy & Jason Clawson Discuss: Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, the patient typically faces many challenges, including feeling confused, overwhelmed, and alone. All of them are emotionally draining!

Osobní Rozvoj & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Therapist and widower, Jason Clawson, was devastated when his wife and the mother of his sons passed away from colon cancer a few years ago. After nearly a year of burying his grief in work and family obligations, he reached out to friends and families to create a “healing team” to help his family find joy again. Now he continues to help others who have suffered loss find joy through hopekit.com.

Jared Miller & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Jason Clawson was living his dream life when his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She passed on after nine months of treatment. Jason was left feeling alone, angry, and overwhelmed.

Billy Lahr & Jason Clawson Discuss: In this week’s episode, Billy talks to Jason Clawson. In 2018, Jason’s life was flipped upside down after his wife Valerie was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer.

He is here today to share his story of how the loss of his wife rocked his world, but he is also here to share the steps he’s taken to heal and find love again.

Coach Blu Robinson & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Today Coach Blu speaks to Jason Clawson, mental health therapist, about the process of healing from grief. Listen as Jason opens a window in his heart as he processes the passing of his wife 3 short years ago.

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering felt when something or someone you love is taken away.

Threads & Jason Clawson Discuss:

I interviewed Jason Clawson. Jason is a licensed clinical therapist and entrepreneur. Jason said, in 2018, his life was flipped upside down after his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. This was devastating news that completely rocked his world.

Dawn Taylor welcomes Jason Clawson, therapist and co-founder of The Hope Kit, to the show to talk intimately about grief. Jason has experienced deep personal grief and he shares what that journey was like, how hard expressing emotion was, and what he needed in a support system.

Tiffany Barnes & Jason Clawson Discuss:

The hardships of becoming a widower, and the blessings of helping others.

Alexa Randolph & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Alexa: Hmm... not sure

Our guest Jason Clawson is a therapist and co-owner of giving sunshine. We talked about his job as a therapist as well as the story behind Giving Sunshine. It is a heartwarming story and I don't think there will be a dry eye after listening to him.

Heidi & Jason Clawson Discuss:

This story is about Jason and how everything was going right in his life then his wife was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and died within months. He teaches about what it is like to have a 'healing team' and to get the help that you need. Jason healed from the inside out by delivering sunshine buckets to others who are suffering with grief, loss, depression, or sadness. What message do you get from this interview?

Selbstverwirklichung & Jason Clawson Disucss:

Today we are joined by Jason Clawson, he lost his wife to Cancer, and since he has started Giving Sunshine. A therapy and recovery box for people who have lost loved ones or who have gone through traumatic experiences. He really is living his best Life Must Go On life and helping others to do so as well, along his path!

Randy Mortensen & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Jason Clawson, a Clinical Therapist based in Utah, specializes in Grief, Addiction,

Trauma and Mental Health. His byline for life is, “Healing takes courage!”

In 2018, Jason’s life was flipped upside down after his wife (Valerie) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. This was devastating news for his young family of four and it completely rocked their world. He was terrified because the doctor told him his wife only had days or weeks to live.

Dez Maya & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Imagine feeling like life was finally coming together in all the ways you want – a beautiful happy family, a fulfilling career, great friends, and peace in your heart …only to hear one day from a doctor that your significant other has a terminal illness, and their days are numbered. That’s exactly what happened to Licensed Clinical Therapist, Jason Clawson.

Jeff Burningham & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and have an uplifting conversation with Jason Clawson. Jason brings something special and unique to the podcast as we talk about death and grief and how to best overcome the hardships we face in life. In this episode, Jason shares the saddening loss of his wife, Valerie, to cancer, how his family overcame this tragedy and found happiness, and how he used his profession as a therapist to create a charity.

Martika Whylly & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Jason Clawson lost his wife to colon cancer, leaving him to raise their boys on his own. He talks about being a single parent, being vulnerable, feeling sad and wanting to feel happy again. Reaching out and connecting with people is how Jason and his boys started to thrive with baskets of sunshine.

Jamie, Guy, & Jason Clawson Discuss:

On this week's episode Jamie and Guy welcome Jason Clawson, therapist, widower, father and founder of Sunshine Boxes. During this episode, Jason shares the devastating story of losing his wife to colon cancer and how he tackled what felt like an impossible journey to find joy again.  He explains that nine months after her passing, he staged his own "intervention" and created a "healing team" that he could turn to when things felt too heavy.

Ramona Torres & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Each box is tailored specifically around a trial or traumatic event to guide your loved ones through clinically proven steps Jason uses in his therapy sessions. In 2018, my life was flipped upside down after my wife (Valerie) was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. I was terrified for myself and my small family of four. This was devastating news that completely rocked our world.

Anita, Mel, & Jason Clawson Discuss:

Jason Clawson is a rad guy. He's also a widower. But even before he lost his wife to cancer, he was no stranger to grief - both to his own, and others. Anita and Mel get to know this sunshine bringer, and know listeners will too!