About Us


Designed & Developed by a licensed therapist

Jason and Wyatt have been designing and developing the Hope Kit for over 2 years now, creating a customized box to provide comfort and hope to your loved ones with their specific struggles.


“I’m so grateful for the the Hope Kit Team and their efforts so I could be there for my brother in such a beautiful way.” – Tiffany

Jason Clawson


Therapist, Widower, Father

Shortly after experiencing the death of our third child, my wife and I discovered she had stage 4 colon cancer. After fighting for 9 months my 2 boys and I had to say goodbye to her as well. Throughout all of this pain and heartache, it became obvious I had many people around me who cared about me but did not know how to give me the support I so desperately needed. This is when Wyatt approached me and asked if I wanted to join him in building a hope kit that would help those who are suffering progress through their own personal grieving cycle.

Throughout 13 years of therapy I have discovered what I call the “Support Vacuum” you see when those who are struggling need the most support, those who would become our support are so scared of making things worse than they already are they end up doing nothing. Imagine that, when you are needed most, you disappear. But it makes sense, there are no training grounds on how to be a good support system to those who are struggling. That is until now, the Hope Kit is designed to help the person going through grief branch out and build that support around them with minimal effort.

I'd love to talk, email me at Jason@hopekit.com

Wyatt Ernst


Supporter, Father, Lover

I am passionate about helping others. When I approached Jason, I had already decided I was going to help as many people who were struggling with grief as I possibly could. You see as a teenager I had severe depression, and there were a few times I came close to taking my own life. Now I’ve made it my mission in life to be there for anyone who is in that pit of despair. I love life, and I want others to love life as well. I know it is possible to discover beauty in this world again, no matter how difficult your current life has become.

I have always been there to support those around me, and surprisingly I have found myself surrounded by friends who are in constant grief. Between a brother and sister, a best friend, and a neighbor losing each losing a child I have tried to be there for them. Then finding out Jason and his wife Valerie were battling cancer I knew I had to be there for them. I told Jason I would be his support and Melissa would be Valerie’s support. I’ve tried to be there every step of the way with Jason through his grieving process.

I'd love to talk, email me at wyatt@hopekit.com