Cancer Support

(Week 2) - My feelings are important.

Write down your favorite song and listen to it.

Write down your favorite movie and watch it.

Write down 3 things you admire about yourself.

Write down someone you could really use a hug from. Text and let them know.

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(Week 3) - My strength is showing.

Draw a picture of yourself on the inside cover with your name under it. (A stick figure works!)

Print off a photo of you and tape or glue it over your drawing on the cover page.

Write down the 3 things that make you, you.

Send a text to 1 person who has supported you during this time in your life and tell them "Thank you for being there for me." Write down how they responded in your journal.

Go on a 10 minute walk outside. Look at the sky, feel the sun, smell the nature around you and listen to your heart. Write down your thoughts here.

(Guilty Pleasure) Your next dinner make your favorite dessert. That's it! Write down what you are going to make for dinner. (It's okay to give in to treats here and there).

Write down things you wish you could express to those around you. Once finished, what could give you the strength to express these feelings and thoughts?

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(Week 4) - I am loved more than I know.

Throw a dinner in your honor. Invite as many people as you are comfortable with.

Draw a comfort animal you'd like to imagine in your life that will spend every waking and sleeping minute with you.

What do you need right now? What do you need tomorrow? Next week?

Give someone a hug today. Write down how you felt.

Create a lists of excuses you can use for hard days.

Make a list of all the qualities of yourself that you admire.

Gratitude can still exist in the little things. How big of a list can you make? Running water, electricity, your family, etc.

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(WEEK 5) - My love is enough.

Write down 1 thing you can do in your home to always feel motivated and loved.

Using all five senses, write down your favorite memory.

Call a close friend and ask for their funniest story of you. Write down this story.

Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself 3 compliments. Write these compliments down.

Make a list of your top 5 movies.

Write a short story. Less than 200 words with yourself as the hero of the story.

Close your eyes and draw a swoosh or curved line. Now turn that line into a picture.

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(Week 6) - It's okay if sometimes I feel at peace.

Text 3 friends and ask them what they admire about you. Now text them what you admire about them.

Create the perfect ice-cream sunday in your honor. Now eat all of your feelings away.

Write down what you wish to feel in your heart tomorrow.

Make a list of your top 5 books.

Make a list of all the qualities you have that you consider a strength.

Choose a song and dance/sing in your honor.

Make a list of all of your strengths you see daily in your life.

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(Week 7) - My grief is a sign of my love.

Write down your favorite game to play. Invite some friends over and play this game with them.

Write a new positive message on your mirror.

Make a list of your top 5 songs.

Call a close friend and ask for an inspirational story of you. Write down this story.

Write down the one thing you are most proud about yourself.

Describe yourself. How have you impacted others?

Share the feelings of your heart with a friend or family member. Now write down their response so you will remember it.

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(Week 8) - My life has purpose.

Write down your perfect lazy day. Now choose a day to live it.

Write down your perfect productive day. Now choose a day to live it.

Call a close friend and ask for their favorite story of you. Write down this story.

If your heart could speak what would it be saying right now? Write these thoughts down.

Write down your happiest memory that you wish to cherish.

Write a hand-written letter to someone and send it to them through the mail. Who did you send it to?

Write a letter to yourself a year from now. Where would you like your heart to be at?

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(Week 9) - I am an inspiration to others.

Celebrate a friend on a normal regular day. Let them know they mean enough to you that you don't need a reason to celebrate their life.

Look at your eyes in the mirror. What do you see that excites you?

Write out a win or a positive moment for the day.

Choose a saturday and live it in your honor. Have it focused around things you love to do. Write down how close you to those around you.

What turns a bad day into a terrible day vs a good day?

Write down big decisions you need to make this week.

Write down a mistake you've made recently.

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(Week 10) - I will never underestimate my worth to the world.

Write down how you found peace today.

Roar! (Yes like a lion). Write down how that made you feel.

Stretch as big as you can. Write down how that made you feel.

Pound your chest like a gorilla. Maybe throw in some grunts. Write down how that made you feel.

Use the Feeling Chart.
Write or draw how you feel.

Write down your favorite joke.

Breathe Deeply. Feel Deeply. (Breathe in 3-5 seconds, breathe out 3-5 seconds)

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(Week 11) - It's okay if I feel gratitude. This doesn't mean I am loving any less.

Grief list. List out all the feelings of grief you have right now.

Write down the ways people try to help you out and their help makes things worse.

Have a belly laugh for no reason. Just start with "Hahaha, Hohoho" and get louder. Write down how this made you feel.

Write down an experience you had that you always want to remember.

Write down where you need help in your life right now. Who can help you with the things you wrote down?

Write down one thing you can do for yourself in the next week that would help you take care of yourself?

Call a close friend and ask for their most memorable story of you. Write down this story.

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(Week 12) - I will treasure my memories by reflecting on the past and honor my loved one by living in the present.

Plan a celebration for your own Birthday with the support of your friends and family. Start making a plan today. It's important to celebrate life. Write about this party once you have it.

Write down a way a friend helped you recently.

Draw yourself surrounded by your friends and family. Remind yourself of the love that is there.

Write down a way you helped a friend recently.

3 things that bring hope. Focus on what you can control, be present in moments of joy, and live in the best case scenario in your mind. Write down what a life like this would look like for you.

Write down what your gut is telling you to do right now. Now go and do it.

Write down your birthday and what time of day you were born. Where you were born. Your earliest memory.

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(Week 13) - It's okay to have growth in my life.