Loss of a loved one

(Week 13) - It's okay to have growth in my life.

Write down 3 things you admire about yourself.

Write down all of your memories of your loved one's interaction with music. What type of music did they listen to? Favorite bands? etc.

Call a close friend of your loved one and ask for an embarrasing story of them. Write down this story.

What compliment would your loved one give you if they were here?

Rage list. List out all of the feelings of frustration you have right now.

Labels are powerful. Write a list of positive lables that you believe are true or wish to be true. I am happy, I am excited, I am...

Write down a list of compliments. Now find a way to give each of these compliments to others.

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(Week 14) - I am doing my best, and that is enough.

Look at yourself in the mirror. What would your loved one want you to change about what you see?

Eat your loved one's favorite meal. Write down how this made you feel.

Eat your loved one's favorite treat. Write down how this made you feel.

Write down an embarrassing moment from your life.

Get a balloon and write a message to your loved one. Now release the balloon.

Breathe Deeply. Feel Deeply. (Breathe in 3-5 seconds, breathe out 3-5 seconds)

Using the Feelings Chart draw/label your current feelings.

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(Week 15) - It's okay if I see good in the world.

Text your friends and family and ask them reasons you should be thankful. Tell them it's hard to see any good in the world and you want their help. Write each of these items down.

Find something your loved one owns and repurpose it. Give it to someone in need. Write down the feelings you gained from this experience.

Call a friend and tell them you just need to hear about someone else's life for a bit. Then listen. Write down your thoughts about what you heard.

What I do when I can't sleep at night and I'm thinking of my loved one.

Make up a joke. Write it down. Text it to a friend.

How have you changed since losing your loved one? Do you like this change that you see in yourself?

What I want to be remembered for.

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(Week 16) - I accept myself.

What my loved one will be remembered for.

How I will remember my loved one.

Write down ways you have felt alone. Tell a close friend about these feelings.

Enthusiasm/Joy/Crazy/Stupid Choose a word and describe how it was a part of your day.

If your loved one could have chosen a last meal what would it have been? Have this last meal in their honor.

What is a kind act you remember your loved one performing? Go out and do this kind act to someone else.

Write down a few dreams your loved one shared with you.

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(Week 17) - It's okay to love myself completely and entirely.

Write down your loved one's favorite snack. Go out and enjoy it.

Write down a story you remember your loved one sharing.

Write down ways your loved one dared to be great.

Write down ways your loved one was a hero to you.

Draw your loved ones favorite animal.

Draw yourself as the sun how much sunshine are you giving out?

Blunder List. When you are grieving someone else you make a lot of blunders. List out all of the ones you have made. Isn't it beautiful how much you miss your loved one?

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(Week 18) - I respect myself.

Text a friend a kind message or a compliment.

Choose a word out of these 3 words and expand upon why this word touched your heart.

Plant a tree, bush, or flower in memory of your loved one today. Write down the feelings of your heart afterwards.

Describe how you want to make a difference in the world today.

A new idea or understanding I wish I could share with my loved one is...

Make a list of your loved one's favorite hobbies. What is one you can keep going?

Do 1 hard thing today. Write down your feelings once you accomplished this.

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(Week 19) - I trust myself.

Write down your prediction of tomorrow. Are you happy with it? If not make it a totally different day than your prediction.

Using the Feelings Chart draw/label your current feelings.

Your loved one is still impacting your life. What action will you do today in honor of them?

Write down 1 surprise you have received recently. Why did it surprise you?

Write down something that is becoming normal for you, that you never thought would be normal.

Write a poem, no matter how bad, with your loved one's name in it. (The effort is what matters)

Write down your craziest memory of your loved one.

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(Week 20) - Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.

Write down 1 way you will use your loved one's life to influence you to be a better person.

Your strengths and weaknessses make you unique. Write down all of your strengths. Now write down your weaknesses as if they had become new strength. Imagine working on these weaknesses.

Text several people letting them know how much they meant to your loved one. What were their responses?

Draw a picture of your house if you stayed stuck in your grief. Now draw a picture of your house if you found joy in life again.

Get dressed in your nicest clothes and go out to a restraunt. Write down how you felt while you were eating out.

Write down an experience you will have tomorrow to remind yourself of your loved one.

Draw yourself with your left hand. Now your right hand. How do they compare?

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(Week 21) - You define your own life.

Write down 1 thing you have always wanted to do in life. Now do it in the honor of your loved one.

Draw a picture that someone else would describe as peaceful.

Draw a picture where someone else would describe it as joyful.

Grief exists because of your love. Write down all the grief that exists from all of your love.

Give a nice big belly laugh. (Force one out). When was the last time you laughed?

You have earned support and help. Write down who you can reach out to for support and help. Now ask them.

Look at a picture of your loved one. How do you feel inside? Write this down.

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(Week 22) - When I am with friends, I am raw and authentic with my feelings.

Write down 1 negative belief you are holding on to. Now write down 5 positive beliefs that disprove this.

Write down an inappropriate joke your loved one would have chuckled at.

Make yourself a memory box of your loved one. add in items that revitalize the memories of those who have passed on.

Write down 5 things you miss about your loved one. Now write down 5 things you can do to allow them to influence your life in those areas.

Write down all of the compliments you have received in your life. Go as far back as you can remember. How long of a list can you make?

What is the hardest part of your journey so far? Now, write down who/what can help you with that and reach out for their help.

Write down any moments of peace or joy you have felt since your loved one passed. Give yourself permission to be okay with these moments.

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(Week 23) - I love who I am.

Create a jar of inspiration, misses, and love. Anytime you have a thought of your loved one, write down the thought and put it into the jar. Once you fill the jar up read through the ways that your loved one is still in your life.

List all the ways you can honor your loved one.

Set a goal for the future. Now go out and accomplish it.

Using the Feelings Chart draw/label your current feelings.

Write down the first letter in your loved one's name. Now turn that letter into a picture.

Create a wish list of ways to honor your loved one.

Create a list of gratitude for things that are still in your life. (Electricity, Running Water, Etc.)

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(Week 24) - The more I love, the more I am loved.

If money weren't an issue how would you live your life right now?

What I use as motivation to keep moving forward.

Write down a great idea your loved one would have enjoyed hearing about.

Create a list of excuses you can use for hard days. When you don't feel like leaving the house.

Send out 1 thank you text to someone. How did they respond?

Write down 1 way you gave up today, and 1 way you pressed on.

Write down how you tried to honor your loved one today.

(Week 25) - Spread love everywhere you go.