Service That Provides Hope

- Service At Schools -

- Children's Safety at schools -

Find out if there is a need in your neighborhood where both parents work full-time.

You can help ease their anxiety, and guilt by walking their kids home from school.

There is usually busy intersections around schools that always need volunteer crossing guards.

How can you limit the amount of risks the students are facing on a daily basis?

There are many saftey procedures that get neglected due to all the work teachers & principals have to do on a daily basis. Helping with safety procedures can help alleviate a lot of stress for local schools.

Local fire departments usually have a program already in place to help teach fire safety.

They just need someone to organize the event, and invite them to come and teach.

Schools often need chaperones for their field trips to keep the kids safe. If you have extra time, you can help out by volunteering here.

- Children's Learning -

There are many programs available to help read books with children. This is a great way to help children learn how to read.

Every school has a need for willing volunteer tutors to come in and help struggling or behind students.

There is usually a need for tutors after school for those kids who don't understand their homework. Ask a local school if they have any tutoring options.

Do you know a second language? You could be a great help for local teachers as a volunteer translator.

Due to how narrow the classes are for ESL there is usually a need for volunteer teachers on this subject.

It is easily known that most countries in the world have a health problems related to choices about diets and exercise.

Guide local school through "how to cook at home" and "how to exercise at home".

- Children's Progression & Skill Development -

If you are willing to stay committed to a garden, then this can be a great way of teaching school children about the importance of patience and waiting for the "fruits of your labors".

A garden can teach many life lessons to school aged children.

It's stressful being a new kid at school and you can make it easier on them by giving them a guidebook on fun and new local activities to try, a map of the school with classes, or even a list of extracurricular activities and clubs.

Looking for a fun and easy service day? Organize a school campus clean-up day.

If the local schools don't have a recycling program it is actually increadibly easy to help them get involved in recycling.

Usually they just need the guidance and direction to get the program implemented, and start recycling.

Some kids find themselves getting into trouble simple because they have too much unstructured time after school.

You can help out your entire community by have different after-school programs.

Everybody should have a friend or buddy they can count on. Often times those who are in the most need get overlooked.

Help set up a buddy program for those who have a special needs.

Teachers often change up the decorations in their rooms around different seasons or at the beginning of a new school year.

They can always use help in these transitional times from friends.

- Donations & Fundraisers for schools -

Often times these classes get overlooked, and are in need of additional school supplies.

Reach out to local schools and ask them what supplies are in need, and help fill their dwindling supplies.

You would be surprised what you consider "obsolete" or "junk" might just be someone else's saving grace.

Any electronics that you have upgraded in your home or your neighbors have upgraded in their homes, the previous dated electronics could make a difference in the local schools.

A buddy bench is a strategically placed bench where kids play during recess.

If the kids are lonely or don't have someone to play with, then they are able to sit on the bench and signal to other kids to ask them to play.

This one is really fun! You can even turn it into a fundraiser and tell parents that it's $1.00 an egg and their money creates the egg hunt.

We have seen extremely successful fundraisers out of egg hunts for the schools.

Many kids struggle with getting new backpacks, or lose their own backpacks.

Collect some backpacks and donate them to schools in need.

Often times we sell or throw away books that our kids have out-grown. Recycle these books by donating them to the school library.

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- Shelter Service -

- Volunteer Time At Shelters -

Many animals just need a temporary home that builds them up and helps them learn to love their owners again.

You can be the difference between an animal that is easily placed verse one that stays in a shelter indefintely.

Local animal shelters are usually in need for volunteers and could use your help.

Some shelters are blessed enough to have lots of donations and need help sorting through all the donations.

Your help could be the difference between proper donations being delivered to those in need verse them sitting in a pile needing to be sorted.

Most youth shelters already have programs in place and just need help and volunteered hours to implement their structured programs.

Most battered women shelters already have programs in place and just need help and volunteered hours to implement their structured programs.

- Donations For Shelters -

When you are stuck in an environment and it's not by choice anything to help distract the mind from current circumstances goes a long way.

Unfortunately health can take a backseat at shelters. Providing a first aid kit can make a BIG difference to the people in shelters.

Sometimes shelters are not heated the best, and the local residents need additional heat.

Scarves and hats are always welcomed at local shelters.

You can organize a service project and have multiple people knitting scarves and hats to make an even greater impact.

There are many things we take for granted that people who are homeless have to struggle with on a daily basis.

Any and all hygiene products are welcomed at homeless shelters. Reach out to a local shelter to find out what needs they currently have.

With hygiene supplies there is always a critical need locally. Every day these supplies are used, and it creates a new need.

Help others by collecting some necessities for their sake.

What do you give to someone who has lost everything? Many times you can't give what is needed, but you can help with small things that make a difference to their lives.

Something as small as fresh makeup can give a woman the feelings of strength and a fresh new start.

Sometimes the smallest donation makes the biggest impact. Reach out to local shelters and find out if they have appropriate plastic bags for their residents to water proof their blankets, clothes, and other possesions.

Every kid should feel a little extra special on their birthday. A simple birthday card can make all the difference.

If you want to make someone's birthday feel extremely special then a "Birthday Box" can go above and beyond their expectations.

Sometimes the Christmas season can be some of the hardest times of the years for those who are struggling.

Giving a little holiday cheer can make all the difference for those in need.

Make sure to call ahead of time to find out what supplies are in need first.

Make sure to call ahead of time to find out what supplies are in need first.

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