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In moments of sorrow, your loved one needs more than just the usual gestures of care. Present them with a gift that nurtures their heart and soul through the healing journey.

Introducing the Sympathy Gift Hamper by Hope Kit, a thoughtful ensemble crafted to provide solace beyond the initial year of grief.

With our Sympathy Gift Hamper, you're offering more than a mere present; you're extending a beacon of hope for brighter days ahead. This hamper has been a source of solace for thousands grappling with the profound pangs of loss.

✔ Suitable for Every Stage of Grieving: From Immediate Loss (1 day) to Long-term Grief (3+ Years)

✔ Thoughtfully Curated for Bereavement of a Spouse, Parent, Child, Sibling, or Friend.

✔ Express Your Compassion and Support Through a Meaningful Gift

Standard Sympathy Gift Hamper - Priced at $64.99, includes:
Physical Soothers: Comforting Socks, Relaxing Tea, and 2 Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies
Emotional Aids: A Reflective Self-Healing Journal and an Engaging Game Booklet for solace.
Always With You Collection: A Cherished Angel Keychain and an Inspirational Children's Book.

Deluxe Sympathy Gift Hamper - For $94.99, enriches with:
Additional Physical Comforts: Double the Cookies (4 in total), Twice the Tea (2 varieties), and a Snuggly Comfort Blanket.

Premium Sympathy Gift Hamper - At $124.99, enhances with:
The Ultimate Physical Comfort: Triple the Cookies (6 in total), Triple the Tea Selection (3 types), and the Snuggly Comfort Blanket.
Customized Emotional Support**: Two Sets of Supportive Cards, a Calming Grief Planner, and the Touching 'Give Me My Apple's Back' Book Duo.
**Discover more about our Customized Emotional Support by clicking here.

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Compassionate Care in Times of Loss

The Sympathy Gift Hamper, brought to you by The Hope Kit, is designed to offer a tender embrace to the heart in times of sorrow. Every element in this hamper is intentionally selected to surround your friend with understanding and hope, gently aiding them on their journey of healing.

Personalized Comfort in Times of Loss

Each item in the Sympathy Gift Hamper is thoughtfully chosen to resonate with your loved one's unique experience of loss. It serves as a comforting presence, providing a sense of solidarity and hope in their deeply personal path through grief.

A Guiding Light in Moments of Despair

In the shadow of loss, the Sympathy Gift Hamper stands as a gentle yet steadfast companion. It's designed to nurture resilience, encourage emotional expression, and support the rekindling of connections, casting a light on the road to recovery and peace.

Sympathy Gift Hamper Options

Standard: ($64.99)

A beacon for your friend to find solace in hope, guiding them gently through their sorrow with comforting, healing, and uplifting elements.

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Deluxe: ($94.99)

Assist your loved one in deepening their engagement with the healing process. This hamper brings comfort, personal growth, and renewed strength.

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Premium: ($124.99)

Empower your friend to weave resilience and maintain connections in challenging times. This hamper is a testament to ongoing support, emotional relief, and inspirational strength.

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Stories of Comfort and Healing


A truly remarkable concept, offering a much-needed embrace during loss.

Ashley Smith
Orlando, FL

Guaranteed to bring tears of comfort; surprisingly thoughtful.

Maxine Butler
Houston, TX

Incredible thoughtfulness in this sympathy gesture.

Julia Brown
Sacramento, CA
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**Customized Emotional Support

(What's Included In The Premium Gift Hamper)

Nurture With Kindness

Our Patent Pending Support Cards offer guidance on effective emotional support, turning good intentions into meaningful, healing connections.

Daily Healing Steps

The Grief Schedule provides a comforting structure, promoting resilience and marking small but significant milestones in the journey of healing.

Effortless Gratitude

Simplify expressions of thanks with our prewritten Thank You Cards, helping to maintain and affirm vital relationships during times of grief.

Empowerment Through Stories

Gift the power of resilience with 'Give Me My Apples Back' books. These transformative tales impart vital lessons in resilience, providing inspiration and strength to both children and adults in challenging times.

Sympathy Gift Hamper Options


Offer a beacon of hope to your friend. The Standard Hamper is a comforting companion in sorrow, delivering immediate solace and inspiring healing and hope in the heart of the bereaved.


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Foster a deeper healing connection for your loved one. Packed with nurturing elements, the Deluxe Hamper is a source of comfort, personal growth, and the fortitude to journey through grief.


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Support your friend in regaining resilience and connection during difficult times. The Premium Hamper is a continuous source of emotional support, ease, and inspirational strength.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone grappling with grief will find solace in the Sympathy Gift Hamper. It's a beacon of comfort and healing, ideal for anyone experiencing the pangs of loss.

Yes, you can send the Sympathy Gift Hamper directly to your loved one’s address. Our team ensures it is delivered with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Certainly! You can add your heartfelt message in the designated box at checkout, adding a personal touch to your gift.

The Sympathy Gift Hamper is designed for sustained support, making it suitable at any time following a loss. It is particularly comforting at the funeral or as the journey of healing continues.

Indeed, the included books 'Always With You' and 'Give Me My Apples Back' are written to resonate with and comfort readers of all ages, enriching both children and adults.

The Support Cards in the Premium Hamper are guides for friends to offer effective emotional support, transforming their intentions into healing actions.

The Grief Schedule in our Sympathy Gift Hamper is thoughtfully designed to offer daily, manageable tasks and affirmations. It acts as a compassionate companion, introducing structure to the day and aiding in building resilience. This gentle guide is a beacon of hope, steering individuals through the turbulent seas of grief with understanding and care.

The Hope Kit - Sympathy Gift Hamper:

✅ Affordable and Valuable – Immediate soothing relief that is budget-friendly.
✅ Lasting Comfort – Offers enduring support and solace.
✅ Emotional Healing Pathway – Assists in navigating the emotional journey of grief.
✅ Comprehensive Healing Resources – Equipped with tools for holistic healing.
✅ Encourages Emotional Expression – Aids in articulating and understanding feelings.
✅ Reconnects Relationships – Helps in rebuilding and strengthening bonds.
✅ All-Encompassing Grief Healing – A thorough approach to managing grief.
✅ Strengthens Friendships – Enhances the bonds of friendship through shared understanding and support.


❌ Overpriced with Limited Impact – Only offers temporary distraction and is costly.
❌ Fleeting Comfort – Comfort fades quickly, leaving a void.
❌ Emotional Neglect – Fails to address the emotional aspects of grief.
❌ Lacks Essential Healing Tools – Absence of resources necessary for healing.
❌ Missing Emotional Support – Does not offer needed emotional guidance.
❌ No Support for Relationships – Lacks the ability to aid in rekindling connections.
❌ Inadequate Approach to Healing – Does not provide a comprehensive healing strategy.
❌ Weakens Friendships – Often leads to friends withdrawing due to uncertainty and fear.